Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Florence

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Worst, unecessary, waiting experience ever. Most expensive haircut I never got. Other issues with another store in same day bringing me to this one. Now just done. Too bad as I tip very well too (sometimes in double digits). Funny enough too, as I walked out calmly (about 45min after my 60 min wait from checking in online) I can almost guarantee they were thinking, "Oh well, his loss he was so close to getting in the chair", but I have been led to believe after my experience that if I got into that chair the experience would have continued to decline as there was no remedy for this, and also that after waiting so long the haircut would then take another 30 minutes while product sale attempts are being made. I would have been even more livid so why stay. Also had things to do, sort of expected to get my haircut within 15 min of arriving 60 min after check in, but nope brushed off instead. (Was first on lost when I walked in too) waiting 45min in store after waiting 60 from check in just to try to tip someone well was totally stupid, but at least I left and didn't go through with the rest of the horrible experience.

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